One more reason that Richloom Fabrics has maintained their upfront position in the textile industry is their work with “transformational” firms such as PURETi Inc.. The two companies have formed an alliance to bring PURETi’s remarkable breakthrough in self-cleaning and air purifying surface treatment technology to the world of home furnishings.

PURETi has perfected the world’s most advanced photocatalytic technology – a safe, light activated, water based solution that accelerates the natural breakdown of organic matter and grime. PURETi treated surfaces use light, not chemicals, to benefit the environment by eliminating noxious gases, reducing stubborn odors and creating surfaces that stay cleaner longer. Manufactured in America to the highest quality standards, PURETi does not contain any perfumes and does not mask odors… In fact, it breaks down odor-causing molecules without affecting the intrinsic qualities of the actual fabric or textile.


• One application will keep PURETi treated fabrics smelling fresh and virtually odor free for years.

• Easy one-step application process dries in approximately ten minutes.

• Turns any fabric into a sustainable air cleaner and odor eliminator.

• Attacks harmful indoor air pollution such as VOCs.

• PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and is Registered Safe for Food Surfaces with the National Sanitation Foundation.

PURETi’s water-based photocatalytic solutions set a new standard in clean GREEN and sustainable environmental improvements.

PURETi—a sustainable technology that reduces cost and benefits the environment.

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