As a premier designer and manufacturer of coordinated soft furnishings, Richloom holds the exclusive license to KAS Australia in the hospitality industry. KAS was founded in 1976 by that winning combination of textile and fashion designers, Karen and Steve David… hence its name. It seems fitting that such fresh and contemporary designs have emerged from Sydney, Australia, a city that has become internationally acclaimed as a center for creativity and innovative design.

KAS Australia was founded in 1976 by that winning combination of textile and fashion designers, Karen and Steve David… hence its name. Operating from premises that include a large design studio, showroom, warehouse/distribution facilities, and a fully equipped testing laboratory, KAS is known for its dedication to customer care and satisfaction. In addition, its wide range of manufacturing techniques and finishes, emphasis on timeliness, quality craftsmanship and consistently competitive pricing attest to its global reputation.

KAS specializes in fashionable home furnishings that reflect the youthful outlook of its management and designers. Their range includes bed linen and coordinated accessories such as cushions, throws, comforters and footstools. Color palettes take their cue and inspiration from the relaxed and exuberant spirit of the country itself, ranging from flamboyant to classic, and from vibrant to subtle.

Luxurious thread counts, intricately woven jacquard fabrics and hues that positively resonate are only part of the KAS story. Elegance and durability are yet another. KAS designs reflect the casual sophistication, variety of choice and meticulous attention to quality that today’s home-wares marketplace demands.

KAS bedding product is exclusively sold at Bed Bath & Beyond and is at all doors on most products. For specific BBB products, and to purchase online, search through www.bedbathandbeyond.com to view the entire collection.



KAS r-bed collection, characterized by bold graphics and dramatic colors that “pop,” showcases a variety of intricate embellishments and creative techniques. Kas’ unique sense of design is enhanced with the addition of embroidery, woven appliqués, heat transfer prints, wet prints, woven piece dyes and textured base cloths.


Corrugated - Close Up

Corrugated - Close Up


Jag Leaf

Interlock - Close Up

Jag Leaf - Close Up


Silhouette Bed Scarf

Tear Drop Bed Scarf

Matrix Bed Sacrf

Metro Bed Scarf (Multi & Purple)

Innovative concepts with signature KAS Australia embellished layered approach. KAS collection offers a variety of tested construction techniques that meet industry standards and design savvy to delight designers. Richloom Contract offers designs as seen and can customize as needed.

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